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January 16, 2015


My father in law had a heart attack last week.
Tomorrow he goes home from the hospital.
He received amazing care & recovered quickly. 
We are all so very thankful for the blessings 
our family has received during this time.
A difficult time that could have been worse.

What are you thankful for today?
Is there something you are struggling with?


Penny Miller said...

Chy, you always hit the spot. I have been thinking all day about my dear boys. We have had a quiet family day, nothing 'special' but so special to me because I have my dear children safe and cosy at home. I have bountiful food and warmth, a cosy home, and love and affection from those I hold most dear. What more could I ask? X

Chy said...

Thanks Penny. I love your description of your family day. Just as you say "what more could you ask for"? This is all that matters in life, our family, our safe haven, our community.