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January 8, 2015

And then, a Miracle!

I wrote yesterday about my aching heart. 
A heart full of grief and disbelief.
Too many deaths in such a short time.
Wishing for a more peaceful world.

And then today, just when it felt so hopeless,
an incredible note came to me on Facebook.

A beautiful picture of a little girl from our school.
She attended our program for over two years.

Now in kindergarten, she has always been full of life.
This summer, that all changed with a diagnosis of cancer.

Today, she received the news that after months of brutal
and harsh treatment, she is now totally cancer free!

Miracles do exist. When we least expect them,
they pop into our lives, providing hope that even
in the midst of trying to understand great tragedy,
if we believe that life can change, peace can return.

Thankful tonight for this glimmer of hope!!

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