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May 21, 2021

Greening Up.

I love this time in Spring when everything finally starts to bloom and the green is overwhelming. I love the lighter green of this season and the fresh colors of pink, blue and purple in our gardens. Fresh dirt and just a few weeds here and there so far. We weeded our veggie patch last Sunday with the hope of planting our seeds but then it started to rain early in the week and we ended up with snow! Now we wait for a few dry days, like to day, with warm air and hot sun. A long weekend here in Canada ~ Victoria Day. I was done work yesterday in the afternoon and now don't go back to the hospice until Tuesday. Even though I only go in the mornings at the moment, it's lovely to have this break as our bodies are weary. We plan to clear where our new shed will go so our neighbor can level out that spot and do some regrading for us in the front gardens ~ our front path needs to have a better angle so the water doesn't pool. And once that is done, we'll then plant our seeds. If all goes well, we may be able to build the shed deck. But it is supposed to rain on Monday, so fingers crossed the rain stays away until Tuesday. My dream for gardening schedule would be light rain during the week (no thunder and lightening) and sun on the weekends. Wouldn't that be a perfect weekend set up? 

Today was busy. A bit of a sleep in, then workouts, showers, tidy up, head off to the little greenhouse down the road from us ~ in our 5 years of living out here in our little cottage in the big woods, we've never ventured over to the greenhouse so it was great to visit today and see what we've been missing. It's quite a bit bigger than it looks from the road. We were greeted at the entrance with a purple and green gnome sporting a sweet mask. Lovely staff eager to help and so many plants to choose from. We bought a trailing vine, a six pack of pink begonias and a six pack of baby's breath. I already picked up 2 spikes from the big greenhouse in town but they didn't have anymore wave petunias for my pots. We have to go back next week as they will have more planted by then. Also looked at some sweet shrubs for when we've done the landscaping we have planned for this year. 

After the greenhouse, we headed down the road to swap out our bbq tank for a new one. Then home to unload our plants and the tank. Headed into town to pick up landscaping lights, some tree fertilizer and then to Indigo to see if my County Living U.K. Edition was in .... and it was! Over to the grocery store to pick up some fresh food, then to our bank to clear out our Safety Deposit Box. We've switched banks but have our main account and our 2 TFSA's still at the old bank. One step at a time as it's a lot to move financial institutions after 20 years. So happy for the switch and our choice for our new bank. Just a lot of work to get everything moved. 

Home to put our groceries away and as we pulled up, we were surprised to see the fridge we ordered last week sitting on the driveway. We weren't expecting it until Monday. But it's here now. Tomorrow, we'll move it in to the spot we have set aside in the garage. This is going to be so helpful when we have celebrations and need extra space for food and drinks. We chose a vintage style and hope when we uncrate it tomorrow, all is well. While dh taped a radio segment, I chilled out on the deck, reading the final chapters of my book. Dd brought dinner home and we then settled in to watch the hockey game ~ we lost. It was still a great day. 

More as we go.
Namaste buddies!

~ Chy

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