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May 16, 2021

Sunny Sunday.

My sweet ceramic basket that I usually put out for Easter has not gone back to the storage room just yet. I think it's just perfect to house a small plant pot, so out it stays. 

Today is so sunny! But that will change tomorrow when the rain settles in for about 4 days. We do need it. The bit we got last week wasn't really enough, though it greened up our landscape (looks so amazing now) and helped with the forest fires. I'm so hopeful the rain will come and stay as long as they've predicted so the fires can be brought under control. So scary but thankfully not close to our region. 

The plan for today is to cut back some of the old growth on my perennials, get the rain barrels set up for the season, finishing weeding the veggie patch and plant my pea, carrot, beet and onion seeds. Holding off on the others until it's warm again after all the rain. Then I'm going to take a long shower and relax on the deck ~ trying to finish my book so I can start the next one. Indigo had a great sale not long ago and we did a little stocking up. Maybe some art studio work later as well. I've been doing some purging and tidying, and hope to work on the one dollhouse this week that I'm trying to finish up. I've got some new ideas to try. Getting there!

I'll be back later with "Right Here. Right Now."
Enjoy your sunny Sunday. Namaste my buddies.

~ Chy


Debi said...

Sounds like you had a busy day. I had planned to read on the back porch this afternoon but I took a little nap instead! Have a great week.

Chy said...

I had hoped to hang out on the deck as we have been each day and finish my book. BUT a big bee will not leave us alone. I'm now insider, curled up on my comfy chair, watching a movie while dh and dd's cook our dinner. Mmmm ....

Glad you had a nap. Well deserved!

X Chy