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May 24, 2021

A Day Late.

I wrote this yesterday but then forgot to push publish after I found the quote. Oops! A day late, but here is my contribution to "Right Here. Right Now." Enjoy the read.

What I'm wearing .... ripped jeans and an old faded t~shirt, bare feet for now but soon my gardening boots will go back on my feet. Working outside outfit for the day. Comfy.

What I'm reading .... finished my other book. Now reading a book about Spiritual Care in a hospice. Borrowed from one of the original founders of our hospice. As I'm in charge of SC onsite, this will help me develop the program and meet our residents needs. A big job I'm happy to take on.

What's happening in my kitchen .... chopping! Veggies to go on the grill for our bbq later today. Can't wait for our feast.

What's outside my window .... green everywhere! 

What I'm thankful for .... everything!

What I'm smelling .... the lavender from my pots.

What I'm hearing .... birds singing, frogs croaking and the wind gently moving the trees.

What I'm crafting .... more work in the art studio tomorrow as it's supposed to rain, which will keep us inside to do other things instead of just landscaping.

What's on my mind .... the World and all our woes. Ugh.

Words to live by ....


~ Chy

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