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May 24, 2021

Office Progress.

My second armchair is now in place, making
this corner cozy for the tears that are shared.

I have at least 20 eclectic pictures to hang up
on the walls but have to find the time to do this.

Moved the plant to the left and replaced
the contemporary lamp with a vintage one.

Finally, something on the walls. It took a
bit of time but managed to figure out how
to use the "command strips" and I'm very
surprised the tiny strips can hold a mirror
this size. It was nicely and firmly hanging 
when I left the hospice on Thursday. Hope
when I am back in tomorrow it's still there.
If it is, I'll hang up all the rest this week.

Progress is happening. We're allowed to
come in to hospice in small shifts and I
usually stay 2 to 4 hours. Working well
but I know it's not ideal. For now, it is
what we need to do to keep everyone
healthy as we don't have temp workers.

How is your work life going right now?
Are you back on site or still at home?

Namaste my blogging buddies. 

~ Chy


Debi said...

It looks lovely... comforting, inviting and cozy. I'm retired so I have no work life, and for that I am grateful. Stay safe and well and have a great week!

Chy said...

Thanks for your kind words Debi. It is starting to feel cozy. I have more to do. Getting there.

I was home with our kids for over 20 years and often called that my "retirement" so I' not in a rush just yet to end this part of my career. Loving every moment of hospice work and hope my own health remains solid so I can end out my work days here. Then the gardening will really ramp up!

X Chy