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May 29, 2021

Review of "The Me You Can't See."

We settled in last night, after a long work week with many lovely moments, mixed in with some stress, to watch "The Me You Can't See." Produced by Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry, its a program I've been waiting to watch since it was released and it ended up being well worth the wait. Prince Harry, now just Harry, shared his story, as did Oprah in time, along with other guests with their own journeys. I'm very familiar with Oprah's past and won't talk about that as she didn't have anything new to say, though it was relevant and added to the conversation. But Harry's was brilliant, talking about how his mother's death had such an impact on his life at such a young age. How he was not provided any grief support. How he was expected at the age of 12 to "buck it up" and "carry on" as if nothing was amiss. How he reacted physically and continued to do so until he began therapy just 4 years ago. How he never fit in, except when he was in the military and living in camps with others who shared their experiences. How he needed to break away from "the firm" in order to live his life. I'm not a fan of Megan, but I can see how their relationship has provided him a safe haven, and she seems to be an amazing partner and parent. 

This is a series and I look forward to the other episodes. It promises to provide an insight in to how we are affected by life events, our own experiences and the lack of support or education that dictates how we manage and who we become. As a counsellor in the community, with a speciality in grief supports for children, teens and their families, it broke my heart to learn how Harry was not provided the very basics of grief education. A program, like the one I provide with my team, could have made a world of difference. It's amazing to me that a family that has access to anything would not be able to or chose not to provide this to such a young boy trying to navigate a very public and tragic death. It shows us also how family members process and live through an experience differently. I know that Prince William has briefly stated that his mother's death has played a role in his character but we haven't seen him speak out as Harry has. Each individual will move through their grief in their own unique way but support, education, care and compassion can guide anyone to a healthier place. I suspect that because Prince William is set to become King, he would have to keep any feelings under wraps. Harry has had a different path and certainly now has found a way to be vocal. I was impressed with his honesty and his ability to share, and wish I could thank him for opening the conversations about how grief can affect anyone, regardless of background, economics and status. He is a prime example of why I always say "Not all grief needs therapy. But all grief needs love, care, support, education and compassion." Thank you Harry for your candor and truly honest perspective. This will change lives for others ~ the impact of words is huge.

Ironically, I'm am now off to work out, shower
and then present out kids grief program to the
community that we live in. Harry's words are in
my head and I may share some of them today.

Wishing you a beautiful Saturday.
Namaste my blogging buddies.

~ Chy

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