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May 26, 2021

Precious Times.

I miss the early days of my kids lives.
I'm so proud of how well they have
grown and created their own worlds.
My favorite days though will always
be the long, fun days spent with friends
and their kids, in the park, at the beach,
in each other's homes. Conversations
and dreams, support and compassion.
As all our kids got older, we drifted.
Then life changed. Most of my mama
friends went back to work but our little
family was larger, so I was home longer.
And I had income at home, so there was
not a need to leave our little nest until
the kids were older. I completed post
secondary, was offered a job before I
was ready, part time, then in time, full.
And then dh came home so youngest
dd could finish her homeschooling
journey. For 6 years, he was the dad
at home and I was the mom at work.
Then she was 18, he was headhunted
and bam! Both at work. I love our life.
But I do miss the days of hanging out
with out littles, chatting about life,
dreaming the future and holding on
to those precious moments. Memories.

Do you miss those early years?
Or do you cherish what is to come?


~ Chy

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Lorrie said...

I do miss those early years sometimes. The days when I nursed and cuddled babies were so sweet. I really loved the teenage years when we would sit around and have long discussions about life, or just be totally silly together. Those days are full of wonderful memories. But now there are grandchildren to cuddle and talk with and they are great. Life keeps changing, and it seems it goes faster and faster. There are wonderful days ahead, too.