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May 14, 2021

A Long Week.

This last week has been super long and tiring. But so rewarding at the same time. I'll likely write a few short posts to share the many different pieces. For today, my lavender win! We were at Costco late in the day to visit the garden centre for the first time this year, thinking it wouldn't be too crowded. With the new restrictions in place, space in retail stores is limited again. It was a big surprising to pull up and see a lot of cars but the lot wasn't packed like on a weekend, which we always avoid. As we walked up to the store, we realized there was no lineup as we anticipated. Score! So we grabbed a cart with the idea that we could stroll through, looking at plants and choosing a few favorites, like my lavender pots for the front veranda. And then we thought we'd stock up on some food items since we were there already. As we walked through, it seemed quiet. 

Until we got to the entrance to the garden centre. And then we spotted why the aisles were quiet but there were many cars .... the lineup to get in to the area was packed and the line snaked around the corner almost to the front of the store. Yikes! I had such high hopes of getting my pots today. No worries, we'll come back another day. But I thought that it couldn't hurt to ask if they have any so we know if coming back is a good plan. I went to the front (no husband, no cart, just little me) and found the sweetest employee who was letting customers in as others came out. She greeted me with a sweet smile so it felt okay to ask if there was lavender and if there are times that are better to come back to shop. She chatted with me for a moment, reassured me there was a good stock of my pots and I thanked her and turned to walk away. A few steps in and I heard her say "is it only lavender you need?" As we've potted 138 different flowers (perennials and annuals) and have many more seeds to plant in the ground, truly, yes, it was only my 2 pots I was hoping for. I walked back and said yes, and she said "hang on!" She disappeared for a second and then came back and turned to the people in the line up and said "this lovely lady only needs to pots of lavender. I've asked a staff member to go grab 2. Is everyone okay with this?" I cringed for a second as I hadn't asked for this gesture of kindness but the line up all answered with "yes of course." Wow! And then the other employee came around the corner with these 2 pots above. Better than I've ever seen and she was even proud she had chosen the "2 best" ones she could find. I was almost teary with the kindness of the staff and then the crowd. As they placed them in front of me, I turned to those in the line up and thanked everyone, and I was met with smiles and nods. I was so thankful and the staff told me they were more than happy to help out. With smiles all around, I picked up my precious pots and walked away thinking "in all this crap right now, a moment of kindness that made my heart swell." I found my dh a few aisles away and he was surprised to see me walking towards him with 2 pots of sweet lavender and the biggest grin on my face. 

Aren't they the most beautiful pots of lavender? It's English and will look amazing on the front veranda. I have Munstead growing in pots and at least 4 of another kind starting to come to live out in the front garden. My dream one day is a tiny lavender "farm" and we're on a way to making that happen in time. I love the end of the season when these will all be big and ready to harvest. Drying the buds and hanging little bunches of lavender around the house makes the time going in to caring for them worth all the fuss and bother. 

Do you have a favorite plant you love to grow each year?
Are your garden centres or nurseries super busy again?

Namaste my blogging buddies.
Enjoy this beautiful Friday.

~ Chy


Debi said...

So glad you got your lavender pots. There are so many good and kind people in the world... I'm glad so many of them were there!

Lorrie said...

What a sweet moment to savour. People really are kind. Your lavender pots are beautiful.