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May 31, 2021

Holding Space.

Today, like all Canadians, we collectively mourn the loss of 215 innocent children, whose bodies were discovered on the grounds of the Kamloops Residential Indian School in British Columbia. We hold their families in our hearts, light candles, place tiny shoes and well loved teddy bears at our front doors. But nothing will erase the pain that the mamas and the papas, the grandparents, the siblings and extended family endured, and continue to carry during their lifetime. Holding space and honoring these sweet children is a small token of respect ~ we need to do more to make this experience more than just a historical event. We need to ensure that reconciliation is not just a word but true action. I have always felt lucky to be Canadian but today, I feel shame and angst for the actions from those in power who felt they knew better than our First Nations People. We can't change what took place in these schools so many years ago. But we all can embrace and hold space for those who are the courageous survivors and their family's. 

~ Chy


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