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May 1, 2021

Budding May.

Happy May 1st! I'm getting so excited that our Earth, our landscape is starting to green up. But it's so dry that it's taking a bit for the buds to open. We need some really good rain. It did rain a bit here and there yesterday and even some the day before. But nothing that even Gary the Gnome was able to capture in his little measuring vessel. I can see rain in the forecast for next week. We'll see if it comes true. For now, the trees are budded and ready to go, and we are seeing life in the gardens. Small but there. I am so excited.

Today is going to be a tough work day. Typically I have our kids grief program on Saturday mornings and counselling in the afternoon. But I worked yesterday at hospice, and today i was just going to do the kids program in the morning and take the afternoon off. We now have a resident who will die this afternoon so once the kids program is done, I'll drive in to the big city and be at hospice for the family and the staff as this loved one transitions from life to death. A sad day but for this resident and his family, the ending they hoped for. Once everything is done there, I'll come home and do some notes, and then close my book for a few days. 

We bought the wood to make the decking for our shed, and we're hoping to get that sorted tomorrow with the final decision of where it will sit and then getting that spot ready for the build. I'm not working out on the treadmill today as my legs are very achy but I am going to stretch this morning before my shower and then do my weights later today. It's a blue sky day at the moment, so I'm sure a bit of time in the sun on the deck will occur as well. 

Hold your loved ones tight. Give them some extra love today. Life is short. Embrace it all right to the very last breath.

Namaste my blogging buddies.

~ Chy

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Debi said...

I am so sorry about your resident's passing. My thoughts are with you and your co-workers and the resident's family. Good that you can take some time. ((hugs))