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May 17, 2021

Best Reward.

I enjoyed a couple of bubble baths this weekend. We did a lot of gardening (weeding mostly) and got ready for our neighbor to move some dirt for us as soon as he has a chance with his tractor. I love working outside but my favorite part is the long shower or bubble bath once the work is done. The best reward for a job well done I believe.

Woke up to dark skies this morning. It's supposed to rain quite a bit this week, which we're happy about. The temps will be low at night though, so we didn't leave any of our seedlings outside ~ next weekend it perks up and then we can feel comfortable with planting in to the ground and in our pots. I've kept my lavender pots inside at night as well. They're pretty hardy but I'm more comfortable with them being inside and warm until we know it will be more stable. 

I'm working a few mornings a week at our hospice, just for a couple of hours. We hired a new staff member that we'll share with the nursing team and I've got lots to do to prepare for her arrival. We are also at capacity ~ all 12 suites are full. This also means more deaths and the staff is doing well in welcoming individuals as well as saying goodbye in their final days with us. I've created a debrief program and we had our first sessions last week, which went quite well. Today I'll be home before lunch as we have a meeting with our clinic's nurse who is going to help us with our weight loss management plan. Excited to get going. We've done well on our own but have both hit a wall so she'll get us over this blip in the journey. The rest of the afternoon I'll probably curl up on the couch and catch up on paperwork and planning for the week. Always a lot to do and never a dull moment! I hope you have an amazing day.

Namaste my blogging buddies. 

~ Chy

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