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May 12, 2021

Dreary Rain.

We had 2 days of rain on Friday and
Saturday. It was so welcome as our
region has begun to have fires due to
the dry landscape. The first day, I did
love the coolness and the sound. The
second day, it was much darker and
quite gloomy, or dreary as I've titled
this post. Out came our new tea pot
and the coziness of our cottage set in.
But once the rain had stopped, we
enjoyed the most amazing Sunday
with warm air and blue skies. And
blooms everywhere! Maybe you can
see the bright green little buds in the
picture above. Today, it's another blue
sky day but now the green is vast.

Do you love rainy days?
Or are they dreary and cold?

~ Chy


Lorrie said...

I don't mind some rainy days, but I feel quite blah when grey days continue for weeks on end. Sunshine energizes me, I think.

Betsy said...

It's supposed to start raining here tomorrow and continue through next week so I've been trying to get outside things done so we can concentrate on indoor unpacking during the rain.