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May 22, 2021

Weekend Work.

I will never get tired of the way the evening light dances around the front of our house, hitting the walls inside and showcasing the gardens outside. It will forever amaze me that something so small and so brief can be so beautiful. 

Today is full. It's a blue sky, warm air day. We slept in a bit and will work out first, then shower, though that seems pointless as we'll be spending most of the day outside. But I have standards! We have to move the fire pit, the chairs that surround it and then take up the blocks they sat on to make room for our neighbor to come over with his tractor. He's going to build up then level the ground where we'll build our new shed deck so we can then build the new shed. He's going to regrade the front gardens, which means I'll have to pull up a few of the plants and place in pots until he's done. The gravel that has been our temporary walk will have to be scraped up and put in the wheelbarrow to move to another spot for now. And the mulch as well. Lots of work and hoping we can get it all done today so he can come over tomorrow. I have to order dirt and may try to do that today as well. It's doing to rain on Monday so I'll have it delivered later in the week. Also on the docket for today or tomorrow: seed the veggie patch. I do hope it rains on Monday. It would be lovely to have a day to relax and not do any physical work. After showers and then dinner, we're going to watch P!NK's film "All I Know So Far" ~ so excited and we've been waiting all week for it to be released. I'm sure we'll hit our pillows not long after that. A well deserved rest. Can't wait!

What are your plans for the weekend?
Namaste my dear blogging buddies.

~ Chy

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