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May 9, 2021

Mother's Day.


To all who are mothers with little ones, Happy Mother's Day. To all those with now grown up babies, Happy Mother's Day. To all those who are mourning the loss of a precious baby or child, I hold you dearly in my heart today. To those who are missing their moms who have died, or those who have a mom who cannot clearly remember that today is special, you pain is known by many and I hope you know we all think of you as well. Today is a beautiful reminder of where we come from, who we strive to be and who we become. But it can also be bittersweet. Be gentle to those around you as they navigate a million and one feelings on a day like today. 

No breakfast in bed for me this morning as we are 8 months in to Intermittent Fasting, so no eating in the morning. But lunch was amazing ~ leftover pasta from last night's feast that we ordered from The Olive Garden. I wasn't sure if mine would be okay on the 2nd day but it was actually even better than last night. We had a small sleep in and then I had a workout in our little gym. Showered and listened to dgs's radio show. Went outside to take the covers off our outdoor furniture and sat in the sun for a bit. So grateful for the rain we've received for the last 2 days. Everything is magically green again. The trees have leaves that seem to blossom even more, every time I look up to look at our landscape. Soon we won't be able to see our neighbors house next door. We did a walk around the yard, sat in the sun and made our landscaping to do list, pottered about in the greenhouse, got the Adirondack chairs out from the potting shed, along with some of my bigger pots, ate lunch, and we've been sitting outside every since. Dh has just gone in to do his workhout, so I might go in and work on a project OR write a bit more of my grant. It's due next Saturday but I'd like to send by Thursday at the latest. I work on it a bit each day so it's not so daunting. Our landscaping to do list is quite long but we had a bit of sticker shock when we received the 1st of 3 quotes back ~ $52,000 to do all we hope to accomplish in the next year. Yikes! For now, we'll wait for the other quotes but likely will end up either doing it all ourselves or breaking it down and letting someone else do the big we feel are out of our league. I was surprised that dh's first reaction was "ya, no, we can do it all!" Proud of how far he's come over the years in taking on these tasks instead of paying someone else. He's feeling pretty confident that we could do it all, except for re~grading the front path and re~gravelling the driveway. I agree on both those points. The rest is a lot of work but manageable. And much more reasonable in cost. I love projects so not worried that it will be too much. But it will definitely be a later completion date as we spread it all out. Wish us luck as we put our energy in to creating beauty!

Quiet afternoon planned, then a call to wish my mom a beautiful day, dinner and a favorite show or 2. I hope your day is just as you hoped, or filled with love from those around you if it's a hard one. Every day, we miss our little ones who died at birth. I know the feelings that surround loss during special days. Take good care of yourself today. 


~ Chy

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Debi said...

Over the years I have been shocked at the cost of hiring someone to do things for us. We very rarely end up going that route and usually do it ourselves. This spring we replaced the mulch in the front gardens with stone, built boxes to put around the four trees in front of our house and fill with mulch and we purchased cattle panels and T posts to make a trellis for our tomatoes and cucumbers. I wish you luck with your projects and your grant writing. Have a great week!