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December 12, 2014

New House Update: Part Two.

Hi everyone!

More pictures today to show the progress of our house. These four pictures are from the front door. Starting at the top left, the first photo shows the view into the living room. Front "door" is on the right side of the picture. Today we received news that our front door has finally arrived and was in the warehouse getting it's first coat of black paint for the exterior. Can't wait to see it! The next picture, top right is looking from the front door, showing the living room on the right, with beautiful, bright sunlight, and the hall going into the great room. The door you see is the front door closet. Our current home doesn't have a front door. We're so excited to have one now! Bottom left picture is looking from the great room hallway to the front door, that of course, is just a piece of wood until the real one is installed next week. And final picture, bottom right, is our dd doing her "queen's wave" from the Juliette balcony. I love the curve!!

The shots start with the top left that is a view from the great room, looking towards the turret and the staircase. The alcove under the stairs is where a desk will go, to write, pay bills, look up recipes, etc. There will be shelves above the desk. The next picture is our dd holding our grandson's hand as they walk through the great room . Picture in the bottom left is the fireplace with one of the nooks that will eventually be a bookcase. Final shot is another view of the desk alcove and the hall to the front hall.

Coming up .... part three!

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