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December 12, 2014

Capture December: Day Twelve.

Hi everyone!

I was a day behind with the Capture December Photo Challenge but with this post, I'll be caught up. The little boy and I spent two days lounging around with bad colds and pink eye but we're better now and back to life again. A short illness that could have been worse but thankfully, with upping our doses of Vitamins C and D, and a bit of homeopathics and eye drops, we healed very quickly. 

Today, in anticipation of our upcoming Candle Light Memorial Service, I made a couple of votive holders with mason jars. Easy peasy, with just two materials, in addition to the jar. Modge podge and epsom salts. And look what you can create! Perfect for the prompt "A Beautiful Sight":

Love the glow!

Have you been creative lately?

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