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December 10, 2014

Capture December: Day Ten.

Hi everyone!

For the 10th day of the Capture December Photo Challenge, with "Wrapping Paper" as the prompt, here is my image: 

We always use gift bags but this year ....

.... on a whim, picked up wrapping paper last month.

Who knew it would be part of a 
challenge and not just for gifts!

Do you use wrapping paper or gift bags or both?


Penny Miller said...

Hi Chy, I am enjoying your December challenge photo's very much. I do hope your eyes are feeling better. I tend to use tissue paper, and order it in one colour, and wrap everyone's' gifts in it. I decide my colour scheme for wrapping every year. This year is ice blue tissue, with white or deep green ribbon. I like using tissue because I don't need to cut it as it comes in sheets. x

Chy said...

I like the idea of a theme. We use both but this year, found this wrap and bags that will go very nicely together. I love tissue too!

P.S. My eyes are better and the cold was shortlived. Feeling good now. Thank you for your kind wishes.