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December 31, 2014


Hi everyone!

So much fun last week opening gifts and sharing happy moments. Here's some photos from the day:

Momma and son having fun.

Great gramma opening her family gift.

Our little guy getting excited!

A proud papa!

Searching through the paper for the gift.

Just what she wanted!!

A special Disney gift for the "Director."

A Victorian puppy set for our babies.

What did you receive for Christmas?


Penny Miller said...

Meg (our Labrador) has a very similar wrought iron dining set! X

Chy said...

Isn't it sweet!

Penny Miller said...

Sweetest ever! I remember buying it for her before we brought her home, it was so exciting! X

Chy said...

I've never seen a set like this before but love it. So perfect for the vintage look in our house.