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December 10, 2014

New House Update: Part One.

Hi everyone!

Time for a new house update. Our builder and his dedicate team have been busy the last few weeks, finishing up the insulating and this past week, they started the drywall phase. So many pictures to share so I've organized them in order and will post several entries to cover it all for now. All captions under the pics will be clockwise from the left top photo. And I've put them in order from one to four. 

1. The Septic system is buried but marked by "police" tape!
2. Sunny dormer window on a warm, slushy afternoon.
3. Looking from the backyard into our garage.
4. The window above the "lockers" in the mud room.

1. B so excited about his bedroom with his class bear.
2. The "apartment" in the basement has a doorbell!!
3. The list of the furnace room tasks to be done.
4. B and our builder, posing together at B's request!

Hope you enjoy this update and the posts to follow.


Cheapchick said...

When are you going to be able to occupy it? It looks like soon.

Chy said...

We're hoping for end of February or beginning of March. It's moving along but still lots to do. Just heard today that our flooring is coming in on budget so that will now be ordered and tomorrow, we're ordering our oven.