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December 30, 2014

My eyes! My eyes!!

Hi everyone!

We're still on our long but lovely Christmas break here at our house and loving the freedom to sleep, relax and dream. The only tasks we need to fit in to our "busy" schedule are related to our house build. Today, we went out to buy appliances, to finalize our interior doors and to pick out the lights. And tonight, my tired eyes look like this!

In our big search, we ended up buying our fridge, our range and our dishwasher. To consider, we have our daughter's fridge, her range, her hood fan, our washer/dryer pair, our freezer, our microwave and our hood fan. For the lighting, we narrowed our choices down to two different collections and now have to decide which route to go. The doors were quite easy as we decided to match them with our front door. The big decisions in that department will be our four french doors and the door handles. We originally wanted to match the french doors we have in this house but they don't carry this "old" style anymore. They do have one door that we at first didn't think we'd like because the glass is almost a frosted look but after mulling it over for the day, we quite like those ones now. The door handles we'd like to get are a far cry from what the builder normally puts in but he's been so great about understanding our desire to build a new house to look old and he's now searching for glass door knobs. I love this guy! Sh!! Don't tell my dh. Actually, I think he loves him too!! He keeps finding the things we have been dreaming about adding to the design. Look at the sweet door he found for the basement theatre room: 

Isn't it the coolest door? 

I'm off for a bit of a nap. More decisions tomorrow!

How was your second last day of 2014?

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