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December 4, 2014

Capture December: Day Four.

Hi everyone!

For the fourth day of the Capture December Photo Challenge, I'm sharing a picture that I took at my office today that shows something that has made my life "Joyous." I've nurtured this plants back to a healthy state, from an almost dead situation. And I'm so excited to come into work to see how nicely they've continued to grow, with a bit of sun and fresh water. Aren't they beautiful? So happy!!

What was joyous in your life today?


Penny Miller said...

You have done well with these plants as I know they are very temperamental. You must have green fingers! X

Chy said...

Penny, I actually have the hardest time growing plants, so I'm quite pleased that I was able to "save" these little guys! I'm hoping when we move out to the country that I'll "grow" a lovely green thumb!!