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December 18, 2014

Capture December: Day Seventeen.

Hi everyone!

"Presents" is the theme today. But I had a challenge when it came to the Capture December Photo Challenge ... we have NO gifts under the tree just yet! They are hidden away and come out on Christmas Eve. We enjoy the season so much but the gifts are not our focus, although they are fun to give and even to receive. I did find this picture from last year, after a late sleep in, a lazy pj day, followed by a slow gift opening and then a lovely cornish game hen dinner instead of the traditional turkey feast. At the end of the day, we snapped this photo of the presents we had given and received within our family. It was a fun day all around. Looking forward to this year's celebrations next week!

Do you have presents under your tree yet?


Penny Miller said...

Hi Chy, we are the same, all gifts are kept hidden until Christmas Eve, then I put gifts from family and friends under the tree, and Santa puts his gifts to the boys on the sofa. An exciting moment! X

Chy said...

I like how you hide gifts too. Makes it so much fun if everything is out on Christmas morning, instead of weeks before. Thanks for sharing Penny!