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December 3, 2014

Capturing December: Day Three.

Hi everyone!

Today, with the Capture December Photo Challenge, the prompt is "Red." Ironically, we had made plans to meet with some of our theatre crew at a local restaurant "Red Robins." Before we got there, as we drove down the freeway, I asked my dh to remind me to take a picture of the sign, thinking that that the Red in the name would be a perfect photo. 

But guess what I forgot to do?

Yup, I forgot to take a pic of the sign!

Thankfully, I took a lovely shot of my drink ....

What was "Red" in your world today?


Pamela Gordon said...

This sounds like a fun challenge but I'd never be able to keep up especially in December. Thanks for visiting. Have a super weekend! Pam

Chy said...

Thank you for visiting Pam. I did think about the commitment in such a busy month but I really liked that so many of the prompts are very Christmas related. Having fun so far!