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December 31, 2014

Capture December: Day Thirty-One.

Hi everyone!

I am so proud that I was able to finish the Capture December Photo Challenge. I honestly thought I would not get through the entire thirty-one days. In the past, I've tried a few times to participate in an activity that had a deadline but unfortunately, I get so distracted so easily that finishing isn't always possible. This time, I did it! Very proud of myself and I'm actually now looking forward to another opportunity in the future to participate in a photo activity. 

For the final day of the challenge, I chose these photos from Christmas Day to depict the prompt "Fun." Our little guy received a large gift from Mr. Claus and he was so excited to open it. Grampa had fun helping him out too!

What's inside?

Ooooh, the excitement builds!

The tongue is out ....

.... and still there when all is revealed!

Time to read the instructions.

And later in the day, when it was all set up.

What was a fun moment on Christmas Day for you?


Penny Miller said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas Day at your house Chy!! Even though my boys are bigger now (15 and 12) I still get such a thrill watching them unwrap their gifts X

Chy said...

It's fun to watch little ones with their innocence. I had so much fun watching my older kids and husband as well. But younger kids are the best!