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December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve at our house ....

Happy Christmas Eve! At our house today, we're making buttery shortbread cookies, colorful chocolate confetti, aromatic gingerbread and cream cheese tarts. I have a bit of gift wrapping to finish and then we'll set the dining room table for tomorrow's feast. I love this day and wish it would last longer than it does! A slow agenda, a break from the busyness of the month. Time for just us. Time to enjoy the work that has gone in to putting together a lovely holiday celebration. Time to enjoy the warmth of our home. Time to reflecting on our gratitude for the peace we enjoy.

Tonight, we're taking our little guy and the girls on a little trek around a neighborhood that is beautifully decorated that we discovered on our way home from the eye doctor last night - ordered new glasses - I feel so old today! Looking forward to seeing him get so excited to see all the bright lights and hear the festive music. Can't wait!

One of my favorite Trisha Romance prints.
What time in the kitchen feels like for me!

Do you have big plans for this sweet Christmas Eve?

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