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December 2, 2014

The Boy turns Four!

Hi everyone!

Our sweet grandson B turned four years old on the sixth of November. I just realized today that I had taken photos for a blog post but then with all the busyness of the month, hadn't actually created a post. So here it is today! He was very excited about his birthday this year as he now understands what it all means. And not because of gifts, but as he said "I get to see family!" Sweet boy, our B.

A gift from great gramma and her beau, J.

Reading the card always comes first!

And now the gift.

A Darth Vader hoodie!
He wanted me to take a "nice picture" of it.

Then a picture of him with a "nice smile"!

Of course, the goofy smile showed up too.

A gift from gramma and grampa.

More Star Wars!!

After we put the pieces together,
he was so thrilled and played for hours.

Taking a break to bring his cupcakes to his guests. 

There were others and many more gifts but this is what I captured just for the blog. We're so proud of the young man this little boy is becoming. Such a fun age with his very articulate vocabulary. As he learns more every day, we get to see the world through new eyes. Love this time!

Happy Birthday, our little B!!


Lorrie said...

Those goofy smiles are so sweet. What a fun little lad he is.

Chy said...

Thanks Lorrie. He keeps us laughing all the time, even on those off days, he's so funny. He did something "naughty" on the weekend and I could hear my daughter begin to tell him why it wasn't a good idea. And then she started laughing. He was questioning her logic and sharing his own and it was so funny. Very hard to discipline a kid who presents a good defense for his actions!

Penny Miller said...

What an adorable smile X

Chy said...

At times, adorable. At times, goofy!!