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December 12, 2014

New House Update: Part Four.

Hi everyone!

The final post with our current updates. Next week, the siding will go on the outside of the house, the front door will be installed and more drywall installation will happen in the garage and in the basement. After that, taping and mudding and sanding. Messy job! Thankful we don't have to do it!!

Picture in the upper left corner is the guest bedroom. Picture on the right is the long hallway leading to the art studio. My only worry with the house is that this hallway will be very dark, despite two light fixtures. The door into the studio will be another french door, so we're hoping the light coming through will diffuse the look of a dark hall. Bottom left picture is my writing nook and bottom right picture is dh's writing nook. Hoping our respective desks fit okay. 

Upper left photo is the gabled end of the art studio. This is where I hope to quilt. Right hand upper photo is our bathroom. So happy our tub finally arrived. Fits beautifully! Last two shots are back downstairs. The left one is in the turret with the great room to the left. Not sure what we'll do with this little spot with the jut out and then a recessed area. Final picture is the dining room. Door way leads to the butler's pantry. Seems to be the spot to "store" building materials. Soon, we'll eat wonderful family dinners here.

And that's the end of my updating marathon!


Penny Miller said...

Everything is starting to come together! I bet you can't wait to start decoration and furnishings.! x

Chy said...

Hi Penny. I keep decorating in my head! Looking forward to being "home" and unpacking. Soon, soon!