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December 31, 2014

Memories of Christmas 2014.

Hi everyone!

A few posts highlighting our last Christmas in our current home. We'll miss the memories we've created here and will cherish them forever. Looking forward to creating new ones over the years in our new home.

We were so lucky to have our oldest son come home for the holidays. He landed on Sunday morning and didn't have to leave again until late Saturday night, so we had a full week to spend with him and his new puppy, A!

Nine in the morning and the snow is almost gone.

Pretty trees to decorate a booth.

Festive greetings from the airport.

Pretty trees!

Beautiful music to entertain travelers from all over.

Sweet yet confused looking reindeer!

When we were waiting for our son,
these little birds flew in the open door!

They chirped and entertained us all.

Finally, our son was here, with puppy A!

Sweet and tiny, a pure ball of fluff!!

Almost all my family together.

Heading home for a lovely visit!

Did you have any family visiting over the holidays?

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