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December 31, 2014

For our Tea Cupboard.

Hi everyone!

For me, the holidays are about family, good times and incredible food. I love to give gifts, watching my family and friends be so excited about something they wanted or didn't even know they would. The laughter and giggles, the paper and excitement. So much fun to look forward to!

I'm always so humbled when a gift comes my way. I want to truly cherish the moment and carefully, so slowly, unwrap each package that lands in my lap. This gift was tucked beside the tree and when it was given to me by my oldest daughter, I was wracking my brain trying so hard to figure out what it was. This year was particularly difficult to come up with any ideas of anything I wanted, so my family truly had to figure out my gifts without any input from me because I had no list to share. Our new house, good health and happy family members are all I truly need. So this gift was quite special as it wasn't something I would have thought of asking for. And the minute I saw it, I was in love!

Peeking to see what it is!

And then so thrilled to turn it over.

A painting, just for us, 
for above our new tea cupboard.

It's going to be fun searching for the perfect frame!

Do you have a special gift you received this year?

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