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July 7, 2020

I did it!!

I have always dreamed of having a
little rosebush. And now I have one!

But the best part is that it is sprouting
tiny rose blooms. I am beyond excited. 

Before blooming and below, after. At
the moment, there are at least 10 buds.

So pretty and vibrant. We bought this
bush last Fall at the 70% off sale. And
it's been a gamble because of our very
cold climate here in the Winter. But
the hard work has paid off. And I'm
so in love now. Worth the long wait!

~ Chy


Mary said...

Oh, yes, it is so true how roses/flowers can ignite feels of love for the beautiful birth of new life given to us through flowers . What an accomplishment seeing that first glimmer of color emerging following all the anticipation and hopefulness for a new plant that will bring delight ever time there is a new brightly colored flower . I hope your rose will learn that if it continues to bring beauty to you that you will continue to provide all the care it would ever need . Congratulations, it sounds like it is happy in it's new home.

Mereknits said...

It is gorgeous, congrats!

Debi said...

Beautiful! I've never had luck with roses, so I'll just enjoy yours!

Debi said...

Your rose is beautiful... I've not had good luck growing roses, so I envy you!