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July 2, 2020

16 Weeks.

We have now successfully navigated
16 weeks at home, isolated but heathy.

For the 1st four weeks, we did the following:
* set up our new home offices for all
* figured out how to rework our schedules
* investigated how Zoom could work
* looked into rewriting our wills/directives

For the 2nd four weeks, we did the following:
* purged cupboards and drawers
* purged the laundry room and mudroom
* purged the art studio and our master
* purged the guest bedroom and all desks

For the 3rd four weeks, we did the following:
* began to plan projects outside of work
* redid our back deck with cedar planks
* designed then built our greenhouse deck
* ordered a greenhouse and lots of art supplies

For the 4th four weeks, we did the following:
* continued working in the garden
* ordered and set up new deck furniture
* planned out our Summer and our Festival
* had an audit done on our house and land

We've accomplished a lot in the last 16 weeks.
But as good as this feels, we recognize a lot of
this was to keep busy, as the fear is always there.
What if we get ill? What if we die? So many bad
thoughts creep in and make us anxious. Tasks
are helping and plans too. This is far from over
but we have much to be thankful for. For now,
we keep busy, keep dreaming and keep hoping.

~ Chy


Ellen D. said...

You have been busy. I agree with you that we have so much to be thankful for.
I feel badly for those that don't have the choices that I have to stay safe and stay home. Many have no safe homes or were not able to leave jobs. So many have put themselves at risk and I thank those that have provided the "essential" work that benefits us all. I wonder how we can move forward in our country so that all can be taken care of - better healthcare, better education, better housing. There is so much work to be done!

Chy said...

I have hope that we'll get thru this and we can have a more normal life in time!

X Chy