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February 7, 2021

Village Living.

I love living in the country and
can't imagine living anywhere
else. BUT things change down
the road once the kids are gone,
I could see us moving either to
our little hamlet, or our other
dream, to our tiny island on
the West Coast. The big city is
definitely NOT for us! Having
neighbors a bit closer than the
ones we have "down the lane"
would be fine in a village like
setting. It would be easier at
that time in our lives, I'm sure.

Do you live in the country, in a
village, in a town or in a big city?

~ Chy


Cherie said...

I'd love a tiny house on a bit of land big enough to grow all our own veggie. It would need to be on the outskirts of a village so not completely cut off from people. For now I make do with my suburban garden veggie plot.

At Home In New Zealand said...

I'm in a small city and we have five close neighbours that border our home. It is okay and has its advantages, but I would much prefer to be living back in the country or nearer to the beach. Guess we can all dream :)

Lorrie said...

I live in a municipality next to a small-ish city. I've lived in enormous cities and found that one moves mostly within one's community. I find that here, too, and we rarely go downtown. Being close to parks and hiking trails contributes to the smaller town feel.

Debi said...

We live in a small farming town and are about ten miles from a small city. It's perfect for us. We both grew up in a tiny town (I had 18 in my graduating class and that was a big class!) where the nearest stores were an hour's drive away. While it was a great place to grow up, neither of us wanted to be that isolated. We lived in two large cities when we were first married (Charleston, SC and Seattle, WA) and knew that big city living was not for us either.