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February 20, 2021

Puzzle Dilemma.


I was so very excited on Christmas Morning to open up a gift from my daughter ~ the new Susan Branch Puzzle! I've been waiting since I first heard there would be one released in 2020. And then waited a bit longer to have some days to work on this. Finished up last night, after working away during our deep freeze. And lo and behold, there are 2 missing pieces! I'm so upset! When we puzzle, everything is kept together on a big board we have on our bench in the family room. Today, we're going to take up the mat underneath the puzzle to see if they ended up under there and if not, then we'll roll back the rug to peek there too. I'm hopeful but also fearful we won't find these 2 pieces. I was hoping to frame this puzzle, something I've never done but now won't be able to do if I can't locate the pieces. So sad.

Teaching a class this morning, then working on the puzzle dilemma, then lunch, a skate outside in the warm sun, a few other projects to work on and then dinner. Finally, the big hockey game on tv tonight. I'm not a hockey fan (that would be a big post one day) but am watching with my family as it involves the big city next to us and the big city down south of us. It's often called "The Battle of Alberta" when these 2 teams gather to play. It's fun to watch because they really don't like each other! So it can be quite entertaining. Tonight's game, both teams are going in with a win on each side, so this one will be the tie breaker. It's late too, so after that, we'll head off to sleep and hope tomorrow is lovely and sunny as well. Love our weather has warmed with the sun.

Wishing you a beautiful, sunny Saturday!

~ Chy


Deb said...

That is a cool puzzle. I like it a lot. Sure hope you find the missing piece. That is so frustrating. Sounds like you had a good day. I will stop by again soon! See you then.

Betsy said...

What a neat puzzle. Fingers crossed that the puzzle pieces were found today. Hope it was a great day for you.

Marie Smith said...

It sounds like a perfect day to me. Hope you find those two pieces!