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February 11, 2021

Plant Sanctuary.

With the Polar Vortex still in effect, I moved many (but not all) of our plants away from windows and doors so they don't get chilled. They seem pretty happy there so far. Some are even a darker green then usual. It's a low light area for the first part of the  morning and then the sun hits and it's pretty sunny for the rest of the afternoon. I may keep them here for the rest of the Winter, though I do love plants scattered through the house. "Eric" our big fig is still in his spot in the kitchen nook. Figs don't like to be moved I'm told, so hoping he'll be fine to stay there for now. 

The sun is out again and today it's a balmy -30 C before the windchills, which puts it at - 40 something. We're doing just fine, the cottage is cozy and warm, and as long as the sun shines, it doesn't seem too bad. The one saving grace is we have not had any snow, so that is not a big concern. We are working away with our jobs from home and take breaks through the day to ensure there is no ice build up on any of our exhausts. Thankfully, they are all on the south side of the cottage, so I think the sun is helping to keep them fairly clear. Busses are cancelled as they are too dangerous to be on the road when it's this cold. Dgs had Monday off but we have been driving him to school each day since. Pantry, fridge and freezer are full and there is no reason to go anywhere except school drop off. I hope to drive in tomorrow with dh as the Valentine's gift I ordered for him is ready for pick up. It is going to start warming up over the weekend and by next week, we could be looking at a very lovely - 4 C. Almost bikini weather! Looking forward to it.

Today I have counselling sessions, then a bit of a break before a Board Meeting tonight. I may work on my puzzle or finish the baseboards in the mini bakery. Can't decide but will know once I get there which one I'll feel like doing. Tomorrow is our day off from work, though I still check in and answer emails and calls for a bit so things don't get backlogged. Then our drive in to town, back in time for lunch, our radio show and then I think that's all I'm going to plan. An afternoon and evening off would be lovely before my work day on Saturday. This weekend is a long weekend called "Family Day" on Monday. Because I work on Saturdays, technically I would normally take Tuesday off. But we have rounds that morning so I'll figure out where to take this extra day down the road.

Hope your day is warm and bright! Stay warm. Be safe.

X Chy


Marie Smith said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I will follow yours.

It sounds incredibly cold. When we lived in a mining town in central Newfoundland years ago it was often into the -30s in February. The wind across the bog was bitterly cold and drifted the snow. Lots of snow. I don’t miss that weather.

At Home In New Zealand said...

I can't even begin to imagine what that -30 must feel like, let alone the added wind chill factor. I hope you all stay safe and warm until that bikini weather arrives :)

Betsy said...

And here I thought it was chilly in our RV at 4F tonight. I think this is supposed to be the worst of it here and gradually warm up to the "balmy" high 20"sF by next weekend. Snow is predicted for Sunday night but they haven't given an approximate amount yet.
Our son and daughter both had -14 at the warmest parts of their day today in Montana and Nebraska! Brrrr. It's definitely an ice box over a large part of the continent isn't it?
Take care and stay safe. We're just trying to keep pipes from freezing here in RV land! :-)

Debi said...

I thought it was cold here, but you are much colder than we are! We are below zero in the morning but we warm up to single digits as the day goes on. Have a good weekend and stay safe and warm!