About Me

February 7, 2021

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... warm leggings, my favorite cozy sweater, my wooly big socks and my comfy slippers.

What I'm reading .... Allegedly by Tiffany Jackson. I just started it but so far, it's quite intriguing.

What's happening in my kitchen .... dishwasher is not working again! Back to washing dishes by hand. Thankfully, we never have a lot. 

What's outside my window .... a sparkly, frozen landscape.

What I'm thankful for .... blue skies and our warm cottage.

What I'm smelling .... my candle again while I puzzle away.

What I'm hearing .... a show on tv.

What I'm crafting .... baseboards for the mini bakery.

What's on my mind .... the polar vortex .... figuring out when I can pop in to work this week at hospice. And continued thoughts of my mom and her care home. It's not good but so far, she's doing okay. 

Words to live by .... no matter what, we always have love!

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