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February 13, 2021

Saturday Morning.

Saturday morning in the cottage is an early day as I work each week. Today is our kids grief class at my hospice, though it's of course online at the moment. We have 18 kids/teens and their parents/guardians with 4 facilitators. Our first session was last week and it went really well. We have 7 more sessions left and then a bit of a break before we start a new group in mid April. I love teaching kids, teens and adults who are grieving how to navigate this journey. To watch them heal and grow through the group is so powerful. Truly, I  have the best job in the world! Nothing better. 

After the group, I'll have a bit of lunch and then my afternoon, depending on the week, is either counselling clients, catching up on paperwork and tasks, or an afternoon off if I've gone over my hours. I'm actually over my hours this week but I'm going to work thru the day and take a day off down the road. I'm starting to feel tired but want to get a few things cleared off my "to do" list and then take some time back. No hockey tonight. Maybe a movie night. Or work on the puzzle night. Or on the mini bakery. Or just do all of these. Or nothing. I could flake out on the couch and nap!

Hope your day is warm and cozy, full and fun. 

~ Chy

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Debi said...

I did two loads of laundry this morning, made Valentine cookies and spent the rest of the day sitting and knitting in front of the fire! You are wonderful to counsel those who are grieving, it seems like a very rewarding job.