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February 1, 2021

Hello February.

Hello February! A shorter month, with a focus on
love, flowers, chocolate and family. We have a long
weekend about half way through as well. It's not as
dark as January and closer to March! A good month.

~ Chy


At Home In New Zealand said...

As your days slowly grow longer, ours slowly grow shorter! I am almost dreading February as it is often our hottest month and I dislike heat. But it will pass :)

Chy said...

My daughter spent some time in New Zealand a couple of years ago and she loved her amazing trip! But the weather was so different! It was Winter in the Summer!

Hope the heat isn't too bad this month. We have pretty snowflakes falling to the ground at the moment. Very Christmasy!

X Chy

Debi said...

Flowers and chocolate, who doesn't love that!

Chy said...

Always my favorites Debi!

X Chy