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May 26, 2020

Rain and Sun.

After several days of sun and heat, we woke up to the
sound of rain pitter pattering on the roof. Dark skies, a bit
of wind gusts and rain that was light but went on for
hours. I love sunny days but my favorite is a rainy day,
a time for being cozy in our cottage, with tea, a good book,
a warm throw and music in the background. Some days,
it's even perfect for the fireplace to be going. We all had
Zoom meetings this morning and lots to keep us busy with
work. By lunch time, the rain was lighter and lighter and
soon stopped. I had to turn off my lamp on my desk as it
was then too bright. I love working by lamplight and today
was perfect for that. But it came to end and on with the
day we went. I read that tomorrow may bring dreaded
thunderstorms. Definitely not my favorite experience!

The afternoon became very sunny and at this time of night,
the sun is still shining brightly with no clouds and a breeze
that is keeping the leaves on the trees dancing away. It was
pretty to watch and then I saw the drips of rain falling off
the Pergola, hence the photo below. Can you see the tiny
drops hanging off the beams? I just spotted the top of the
tree in the back that we'll have to get trimmed back this
year as well. In the country, there is always something
to take care of. We found a lovely arborist last year and
just found another, so we have a few options. Out here,
we do need to take down trees that have no leaf growth
so they don't fall on us during bad wind storms. Critical
for sure so we end up with no damage versus having to
call someone out very late at night or during a huge storm.

Today was a mix of rain and sun, a mix of positive and
negative. Sometimes like life, we see it here in both the
seasons, the landscape and within ourselves, our moods
and our progress in life. I'm glad this day had it's sweet
moments and hope the bad stuff is done, for now. I'm
off to take some time before we head to sleep. G'nite!

~ Chy


TheAwakenedSoul said...

I just had an arborist come look at my trees, too. They add so much charm and healing energy to the space around the home. It's expensive to maintain them, but so worth it.

Chy said...

Expensive but so worth it!

X Chy