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May 31, 2020

The World's Sadness.

It's hard not to feel the World's sadness. It's all around us and not just for one event or experience. The death of an innocent man by a police officer, who exerted excessive, unnecessary force ~ his death is not the first in the U.S. because of race and likely won't be the last; the global Covid Pandemic, with millions afflicted with a variety of horrendous symptoms and hundreds of thousands of painful deaths; unpredictable and dangerous weather, creating havoc, damage and sometimes injuries or deaths; World leaders with unscrupulous agendas and economies that are effected by all the above. How do we rise above all of this? What will it take for our World to heal again?

Covid has created a great deal of anxiety in our home, in our quiet little cottage in the woods but we've figured out how to make the best of a terrible experience. And in the end, we've found a number of activities to keep our spirits bright. There are days we've even not thought about the Pandemic and instead focused on our extra time together, working on projects, cultivating our garden and reconnecting in ways that have created new memories. We've been home for 12 weeks and though it's been tough, it's also been a surreal experience that we've been blessed to have experienced. We mourn those who have become ill and especially the families who are missing their precious loved ones. But the chance to "reset" life and have time to make changes has been a time that has increased our gratitude for every single moment. 

Today, after being awake for part of the night watching CNN, we took a break. I'm sure all my blogging buddies who live in U.S. are exhausted today. We feel your pain, your anxiety, your tiredness. But we had to shut it down for a bit. We worked in the garden a bit, made a quick call to see if the outdoor furniture we've saved for all Winter was in stock now that it's on sale. It was, so we drove in to town. And because we have this lucky streak, though they had 4 sets in stock in boxes, the store manager heard the front desk ask if someone could assist us in getting the boxes out for us to take home, and he came down to meet us. This was because someone else in the community (the wife in a partnership) had bought a set, had it delivered, put it together and then the husband in the partnership was livid the purchase was made, so back to the store it went. And guess what was offered to us today? A completely put together conversation set, without a mark on it anywhere (we checked) at a further discount because it was out of the box ~ it was already on sale for an amazing price so this was an extra bonus. Had just come back in so it wasn't even out on the floor, so NO one had sat on it. And we wouldn't have a bunch of boxes, plastic and papers to deal with. It took us 2 trips to get it safely stowed in dh's Honda Pilot (love this vehicle with it's truck hauling capability without being an actual truck) and by noon, it was set up on our new deck, looking pretty and just enough of a vintage feel to make me smile the rest of the day. Photos to follow. We stopped at the grocery store on the 2nd trip back to the cottage and bought some items for a bbq. And our favorite bookstore was open today, so we stopped in for a few moments and realized how much we missed being inside a bookstore. One of my favorite Brit magazines (Country Living) was in stock and this filled my heart. Drove home, put the last pieces of the furniture out, put the few groceries away (after washing everything off), set my magazine in the living room for another day to read, and then headed back out to work in the garden a bit more. This didn't last too long as the predicted storm started and we're now listening to the rain hit the house, the trees dancing in the wind but thankfully the thunder and lightening the City got didn't venture out this far (as least not just yet). Hopefully the wind calms down and we can just enjoy the rain and the good it's doing for the garden. 

Tonight has been lovely with laughter and good food. But deep down, the sadness is still there. Tomorrow, in our community, so far away and removed from the protests in the States, there is a planned peaceful protest at our Provincial Legislature Building. I'm sad to not participate but at the same time, I'm running our new Widow's Grief Support Group online. My heart will be in both places as we help an amazing group of widow's heal and as I support those who are speaking out for the voices that have been silenced. My wish is for the World to stop, think, heal and love. Be well. Wear a mask. Stay safe. Speak up. Protest. Make it right. But do it well. Without harm. Namaste to all.

~ Chy


Granny Marigold said...

Yea for new outdoor furniture at a great price!! I hope you'll find lots of time to sit out there and enjoy.

Chy said...

Thank you for visiting Granny! Yes we do plan to use it a lot ~ kind of our vacation spot for this year!

X Chy

Debi said...

Our world is sad and appears to be spinning out of control, but I've lived long enough to know that this too shall pass and hopefully we will come out better for it. What a great deal on your patio furniture! I know you will have lots of enjoyable time there. Stay well.

Chy said...

I hope you are so right Debi and that this will end soon, peacefully and with renewed hope!

Thank you loving our new furniture. While we're isolated at home, I'm sure this is where we'll spend a lot of time here this Summer!

X Chy