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May 30, 2020

On a Rainy Morning.

It was raining yesterday morning and again today. I love it when it rans and I love it for the garden. But hoping the promised sunshine does show up a bit later today. We want to finish staining the decks and getting our new plants in to the front beds and around the side. Our neighbors are also coming over to help dismantle little guys bunk set for their little guy as he graduates up to a bigger bed. Mama bought herself a new bedroom set so he's getting her queen sized bed frame, new mattress and her big dresser and nightstands. He's so excited, she's thrilled and our neighbor's son is over the moon! But we do need a bit of time without rain to get the pieces over to their house down the lane. 

I love to see how cozy the cottage looks on rainy days. Muted light, enough that lamps on mid morning are needed, which adds to the cozy feel. I had counselling clients all day yesterday and had my windows open where my desk is upstairs (my husband has been using the secretary desk while working from home ~ that's his laptop you see there) and a few of them commented they could hear the rain! It wasn't a hard downfall but enough to make sound. Later the sun came out and I actually did one session sitting on the back deck, with the smell of rain still in the air. It was heavenly. I have group today and depending on the weather at that time, I hope to either be sitting at my desk with windows open or sitting outside in the promised sunshine while my teen group participants enjoy their session online. 

Have you had some rainy days this Spring?
What are your grand plans for this day?

~ Chy

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