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May 2, 2020

Mail Day!

Thursday was an exciting day in our little cottage. Not only did we finish our workday a bit earlier, but the sun was out, we headed in to town to navigate a stop at the bank, a stop at the grocery store, a stop to drop off something to a friend and a stop at the greenhouse to pick up our seeds, but we also had a great "mail day" when we got home. I recall many times watching M*A*S*H and "mail day" was often something I would chuckle at. But now, here we are, in the middle of a pandemic and getting the mail or having a package dropped off at the door from the mail lady has become the excitement of our long days now. I've even received cards in the mail from dear friends (and reciprocated back) and am now adding letter writing back in to my activities. Okay, now let's see what came this week ....

This sweet little miniature greenhouse kit first popped up on my feed on Instagram. A side note: isn't it interesting if you look up a dollhouse item, or any item, suddenly ads are all over your feeds? Sometimes it annoys me but on this particular day, I was very excited to see this one. I would have never thought to look for a mini greenhouse. The irony behind all this is we ended up just a few days later ordering a real greenhouse for our garden! More about that later.

Back to the greenhouse kit. It was being advertised by this company as on sale, from $119 down to $79, a big savings of $49. Having bought a few kits this Winter, I was a bit skeptical of the pricing, especially as this was in U.S. dollars and if I were to order, to get it across the border into Canada would also require extra duty fees. As much as I had fallen in love with this item, just not something I was willing to shell out almost $100 for (plus duty fees). So I left it.

A few days later, I finally found a company that had puzzles in stock, here in Canada, that I could order from. The pricing was decent, with puzzles ranging from $8 and up. Shipping was minimal and with my first order, I'd also get a new member discount (no cost to be a member). So I spent so time that afternoon looking for a puzzle that I'd enjoy doing and found the perfect one. I'll write a separate post on that one another day. But while I was searching, lo and behold, what popped up as being on sale on the site bar at the top .... the mini greenhouse kit! Freaky but so thankful it did. And here's the best part. It was listed for $49, on sale for $44, then I got the discount applied, so it was just $40. No duty taxes, cheaper shipping and almost a third of the cost. Same kit, I checked! That went in my shopping basket and I couldn't wait for it to arrive. Which it did, on Thursday! 

This site has more than just puzzles, so I had a great time after I put the puzzle and the mini greenhouse kit in to my cart. Here was another item on sale and just perfect for our garden. A little gnome holding a rainfall gauge. Secretly, I've always wanted a little gnome in my garden. Isn't he sweet? We now have him sitting on our fireplace inside until we're done cleaning up and then planting in the dirt. We'll find a great spot for him to capture the rainfall. Eldest dd though cannot stop laughing every time she sees him. She thinks I'm now a "crazy garden lady!" I'll take that as a compliment, thank you very much. I'd love to called a "gardener" ....

Today, it's sunny and warm, no clouds in the sky. We're actually under a "special weather warning" that will hit us sometime tomorrow. Hoping to get some outside work done today and we'll see what tomorrow looks like. It may be a day inside with my kit or my puzzle. For now, we'll take the sun and the warmth. Wishing you a beautiful day and a great weekend. Stay well. Be safe. Namaste.

~ Chy


wisps of words said...

The "trouble" with even mail, is that it too, should be "wiped down." -sigh-

COVID-19 has been said to be able to live, on cardboard, for a while. So those packing boxes, which things come in, is being wiped down.

Mail is sorted by machine, but it is real people, who deliver it. With gloves on, yes. But the gloves only protect the Mail Person. Gloves touch everything, he/she is delivering.

Not sure how many of these things, a lot of people have considered.... But we have. And our Dear Daughter in law, keeps after us, to keep wiping down "everything."

Glad you had a lovely time... I too, am going to do snail mail. Enjoy what you got.

Oh yes, when we "look" at some items, our computer feed knowsssss. And keeps showing us, similar items. Just makes it obvious, how little privacy, anyone has, On Line.

Good luck with the weather!!!!!

Be safe!

TheAwakenedSoul said...

He's really cute. I'm glad you are enjoying the sunshine. Gardening is such great therapy.

Debi said...

I get excited about mail (especially packages) too! Love your little gnome! I hope that your weather isn't too bad. We are to get a storm on Monday.

Chy said...

Thanks Wisps. We carefully wipe down anything that is brought in to the house. We often even then take the package apart out in our garage and put the cardboard right in to recycling. Takes longer but worth the extra time for sure.

Just started raining. Hopefully it doesn't get too bad!

X Chy

Chy said...

Thanks Stephenie. We'll really enjoying the good weather we've had so far. Tonight is our first storm. Fingers crossed it's short!

X Chy

Chy said...

Thanks Debi. I love getting mail. I have a few penpals and it's lovely to open up letters instead of just bills!

X Chy