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July 13, 2013

Yummy Farmer's Market Dinner.

Dh had an early morning meeting with his film crew today, then he came home to pick us up to go to into the city. We toured the Farmer's Market, searching for fresh veggies for dinner tonight. We wandered the avenue, taking in the Art Walk event, marveling at some incredible art & pausing to wander about others. We then headed over to our favorite organic market for groceries. And our final stop was a trek through the Antique Mall. Relaxing day with warm sun shining down & lots of eclectic people. 

Came home for a short nap, then dh made this incredible dinner that consisted of a scrumptious kale salad with a chicken stir fry, complete with the veggies we acquired in the morning. Soooooo good!! 

Dear B has discovered his favorite summer time treat at the Farmer's Market: frozen chocolate covered bananas. He can almost eat the whole thing. And so neat, not a drop on mommy!

What did you do on this warm & sunny Saturday?

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