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July 12, 2013


It's been a busy few days but I'm still managing to keep my body & mind on "vacation mode", relaxing anytime I feel a bit of stress creeping in. It's working well & I'm feeling lighter with my work load & life in general. I like this new feeling & intend to keep it!

Today, I gave myself permission to sleep in a bit, then stay in bed, updating our new website. I spent 2 hours adding in new graphics, realigning some print & adding new content. I kept saving then publishing. But the last change I had to make, I was about to hit publish & somehow hit a different button & phoof! All my work for the last 20 minutes .... gone!!

So frustrated. I loved what I wrote & happy with how it looked. Now I have to do it all again. Thankfully, it was just the last part but that part was pretty wordy & this program is great but changing the font color is a bit of a pain. I use different colors to highlight things like dates of programs & contact info. Looks good & I've had compliments on how nice the website is to read & easy to find the critical info. We want it to be user friendly & it sounds like the new site is meeting that criteria so far.

I'm going to go have a nice bath & then eat some lunch. Once I'm "refreshed" I'll start that last page over again. Lesson learned: push save every few sentences instead of waiting until the end!

How is your day going? 


~Carla~ said...

Oh my gosh! I've done that SO many times and it is BEYOND frustrating!! lol!! Hope you found some time to relax!! ((hugs))

Chy said...

I'm writing off the work part of today & starting over tomorrow! On the plus side, the sun is shining, dinner was great, we had a great time browsing, then finding treasures at the thrift store & there are no plans for tonight, so the relaxing has begun. Tomorrow, the website will be tackled in smaller increments, in between weeding the garden, my only other weekend plan so far!

Thank you for the hug. Much appreciated today!!