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July 19, 2013

32 Years of Love!

My dh & I met in July of 1981. I had just graduated from high school. He had graduated from the same high school, the year before. I knew who is girlfriend was. He knew who my boyfriend was. We likely went to the same bush parties. I remember going to football games & he was one of the star players. We went to the same junior high then high school for a total of 6 years in the same buildings. 

But not once, did our paths cross. 

That summer, I was cast in a play, an adaptation of Tom Sawyer. B played Joe Harper, I was to be his girl. My boyfriend of 2.5 years had just dumped me, lusting after a buxom blonde ~ which lasted a grand total of 2 weeks, then he came crawling back, asking for forgiveness! Don't worry, I didn't let him back in the door. Besides, B had entered my life & despite my claim that I would never, ever love a man again, that all men were scum & maybe I should enter a convent or become a lesbian, the cute, short, blonde haired, blue eyed guy was too lovely to refuse. He had also just been dumped & felt the same way about a relationship. Both of us hurt & being very cautious didn't last too long, as much as we tried to fight it! He asked me to marry him on July 18th, 1981. Of course, at the tender age of 18, I said "NO!" But he tried every year, on that date & we finally married in 1984. We were somehow meant to be together & continue to be cast together in productions, even as old as we're getting. Somehow, despite all our trial & tribulations, we seem to fit together. 

So what did my love get me for our special day to celebrate our "life together" anniversary? No, not a dozen long stemmed roses. No lobster dinner out. No diamond ring. Cheap guy, you say? Not quite! What he did get me was a confirmation & a meeting with our builder, to finalize finally, our plans to build our little house in the big woods! If all goes well, a year from now we should be unpacking, settling in & enjoying our first ever new home. 

We've always bought homes to renovate, then flip, so this experience is brand new for us. I know it will take time to feel like a comfy home & we will truly miss this house that we've put so much heart in to. But it's time to get out to the country, to truly have our own space instead of trying to fix up someone else's previous home. The big stress was finding a builder, now the fun part starts ~ the design. Keeping it within budget is my only other stress, as I'm married to a guy who, as frugal as he can be, is pretty intent on having a house with bling! I'm intent on a solid house, without a mortgage. We'll see where we meet. 

If you've built a new home, 
what was the experience like?
What things do you wish you had 
included in your new home?
Bungalow vs. 2 Storey?
Please share!


Claudia said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great love story you two share. I love seeing a photo of you together.

I've never built a house, just trying to hang on to this one! Oh but I dream of that someday. He gave you the perfect gift!


Chy said...

Thanks Claudia! It was a "long time coming" gift but definitely worth the wait! Now, to make sure the budget builds a solid house with space for each of us, but not a monster house! I still want comfy, homey, cozy and thrifty.

I love our love story too. So many said to us then "it won't last. You're both so young." At 50, quite enjoying this time together and love that we got to "grow old with me, the best is yet to be"!

Thanks for stopping by today. Enjoy your weekend!