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July 14, 2013

Sunday Night Musings.

I love Sunday nights! We often have family dinner, which means the cupboards & fridge have been filled with food, the wine chilled, the house scrubbed & the garden weeded. Guests arrive, laughter is abundant, our grandson entertains & the food is delicious. 

Then everyone leaves, we clean up the dishes & then bask in the comfort of home, clean & tidy for our guests but also giving us a great start for the week, moments to remember & stories to share.

Dh taking a moment to check on his schedule for the week so we can decide dinners, shopping excursions & appointments if needed. While he does that, I sit with my feet up, enjoying the last of the sun before it sets, gazing at my garden, sipping wine, listening to the quiet of the neighborhood, with a distant train whistle in the background. A relaxing time, before the week begins & the craziness starts all over again!

How was your weekend?
Did you find a moment or two to relax?

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