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July 10, 2013

Back to Work!

It's "back to work" day after a 2 week break. Dh returned yesterday but I had one more glorious, no schedule day that included sleeping in, lazing in bed to write, some weeding in the garden, washing the kitchen floor after many puppy/rain tracks, big grocery shopping, washing out the fridge, recycling for today's garbage pick up & our grief support meeting last night that was truly lovely. A small group as many are on holidays at this time but we reminisced, laughed, cried & made future plans. I came home refreshed & ready to tackle the week. 

This morning, cozy in our comfy bed, it's hard to get going. I want just one more day please! But there is much to do in the next 12 days. My grieving kids summer daycamp starts on the 22nd  & I'm still registering kids & getting the curriculum tightened up. Need to have a facilitators' meeting & do a big shop for all the art supplies & the food. So worth the hard work to support these young mourners. 

I'm looking forward to seeing my co~workers & hearing about the antics that have taken place while I've been away. One of our volunteers experienced the death of his wife a few weeks ago & I've got a sympathy card & a big hug waiting for him if he comes in today. I'm sure the phone messages will be abundant & the catching up will take all day. I'm working until 3, so I've got time to come home & relax a bit before we head out to a meeting with our potential builder tonight. It's hard to find a builder who will work with our frugal budget but this one has come highly recommended & on his website he clearly states he builds within the family budget. Can't wait to see if this part of our dream can actually happen at a decent price!

What are your plans for this
sunny, warm Wednesday? 


Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

It's great to have a day to ease into things after vacation - happy Wednesday :-)

Chy said...

I loved my extra day and used it well. Thanks for stopping by Vicki!