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July 28, 2013

Frugal Friday!

Our thrift store has different items on sale each week. They list them on a white board at the entrance of the store. They choose items, like books & designate them as 1/2 price. Or choose different colored price tags. This week, all green tags were 1/2 price. I love searching for the tags but often find an item before I notice the tag, so I don't always buy the item because it was on sale. Our thrift store has such low prices anyway, I'm rarely not pleased with the price listed. But 1/2 off is still a great deal!

Part of the fun of frugal shopping is hunting for "treasures"! I found a stack of frames & the ornate one called out to me. Okay, it didn't but I was curious, as it was stuck in with very plain frames. I carefully moved the others aside & look what I found!!

A Trisha Romance print, matted & framed.  And it was a green tag as well. I would have been quite happy to pay $4 but honestly didn't argue with the final tally of $2. So excited to add this winter scene to our collection of Trisha's wonderful art.

We had the pleasure of meeting this humble & compassionate artist when she visited our small hamlet about 10 years ago. My husband saw an ad in the paper that she was coming, ironically on my birthday. He tore out the ad so I wouldn't see it, then surprised me by taking  me over to the gallery, where she signed the book he had bought for me of all her artwork. I cherish this book & love that we are at a place in our lives where collecting art, even if we get it cheap, is so special. 

My frugal find for the week. Jumping over to The Thrifty Groove to see what everyone else found in their treasure hunts. 


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Hello! What a wonderful painting at a wonderful price too!! Thanks so much for stopping by and tell me a bit about your Pendelfin collection!I could not believe how much money some of the pieces were selling for and here i bought them to originally use outside in a Fairy Garden!! Yikes!!


Diann said...

A great find for a wonderful price! thank you for sharing at TTF!

Chy said...

Debbie, I have to admit, when you shared the story of how the original owner was looking at you when you said you were going to use them outside, I also, silently, was "no!!" Then realized as I read further that you had not seen them before. They are hard to find and I'm sure will be a great collector's item as time goes on!

Chy said...

You are very welcome Diann!

Lorrie said...

What a great find. Trisha Romance's art has always appealed to me.

Chy said...

Thanks Lorrie. I would love to visit Niagara on the Lake one day just to see her community. Love the vintage look she creates!