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July 12, 2013

Frugal Friday!

We often frequent our local thrift store on Friday afternoon, after the work of the week is done & we're ready to relax for the weekend. We don't go every single week but at least 2 to 3 times a month, if we feel like it, if we have time, if the budget permits (we budget for this) & especially if there is something we are specifically looking for. We only buy things we will truly use or collect. Vintage items are a hit & art, books & kitchen or garden items are favorites. Sometimes we just browse & don't buy anything. Sometimes we spend $1. Sometimes we go up to our limit of $20. Sometimes we go over our limit, particularly if there is an item that is too good to pass up, like our Christmas Village we scored last year. Brand new, still in the box, value of approximately $150. The price we paid? Just $25!

Today we decided to treat ourselves & we're happy we ventured over. For a mere $15, here's what we chose today:

The haul!

Books were 1/2 price.
This huge gem was $2.50.

Perfect for our growing library.
And our dd just devoured R & J!

The inscription inside.
Sad to think it was given in love,
then at some point, given away.

Rickard's Honey Brown
Beer glass for my guy for a
whole .25 cents.

A vintage basket with fabric lining.
A brand new, still in the package
gardening apron. Both for $2.

Gardening pins with a poem for $1.

A vintage picture with tiny angels for $1.
Perfect for our vintage art wall. 

Brand new, still in the package
cheese serving set for $2. 
Matches the ceramic hand painted
cheese platter we scored last summer!

Handmade petite point matted pic
of an English Cottage for $2. I'll change 
out the frame but love the work 
that went in to this artwork.

A planter for our deck for .25 cents. 

The best find of the day: this mint
condition, framed & matted
Tricia Romance print to add to
our growing TR collection. On line,
this print often sells for between
$250 to $400. But today, we paid a
very reasonable $4 for this treasure!

Do you shop frugally? 
What is your best find?


Diann said...

Lots of awesome thrifty treasures! love the gardening apron. thank you for joining at TTF!

Chy said...

Thanks for popping over Diann. I've really enjoyed ready your blog.

The apron is definitely a favorite for me as well. I'm hoping to one day have a gardening bench, with a hook on the end to hang my apron & my new gardening hat. Just a whimsical idea but having found the perfect hat at the antique mall & now the apron at the thrift shop, my little idea is slowly coming together!

Kathy Moreland said...

You really found some great items at a fantastic price! Great job!

Chy said...

Thank you Kathy for stopping in and leaving such a nice compliment. We love getting that great price. I so appreciate our leaner days that taught us early the value of a dollar!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love shopping thrift shops! The best bargains are just there for the finding! Thanks for sharing at TTF.


Chy said...

Thanks Linda! I think the hunt is so much fun and the bonus is something new or gently used or vintage, at a fraction of the original price. Fun!

Dawn@ We Call It Junkin.com said...

Great finds! I'm so glad the needlework found a new home. As a cross stitcher and quilter, it makes me sad to see someone's needlework cast off, so glad you got it. Take care - Dawn

Chy said...

Makes me sad too Dawn. I think of all the work that when it to that picture, so delicate and how sad that it didn't get passed along in the family. Thank you for stopping by! Nice to meet someone who appreciates find work.