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July 28, 2013

A Favorite Thing!

Each week, I love to participate in Claudia's "A Favorite Thing" over at Mockingbird Hill Cottage. It's fun to decide what is a favorite for me each week & what I'd like to share. And I love to see what others have chosen as a favorite in their world. 

Claudia will be taking a bit of a break for a short time while she journey's to Connecticut to coach two plays. I'll miss this weekly gathering & look forward to her return in just 2 short months on September 28th. Thankfully, she'll still be blogging each day, keeping us all in the loop with her adventures. 

For this week, I chose a couple of shots of our grandson, B, who was trying to figure out a new toy. It was a warm, sunny evening, unlike today, with our clouds, rain, thunder, lightening & high winds. A great day to stay in & be cozy with my lovey. We shopped at the car boot sale, the Antique Mall, then stopped for groceries before heading home to nap, with the rain falling outside our window, tap, tap, tapping gently on the roof. I love those cozy times. But the day I took these two pics this week, it was a beautiful summer evening, without a cloud in the sky. Perfect time to be outside playing.


And a happy boy!!

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